INSPACE Series Panel System Typical Set I
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The INSPACE SERIES panel system provided by BIF New York, Inc. is a upgraded packaged office system from Freeform. This paneling system is versatile and applicable in any office environment. It optimizes space for any employee by utilizing a "hanging workstation" products. These include cabinets and storage. The frame for the INSPACE panel system can be combined with built-in wire ducts and channels for neat and clean power and phone line management. Individual panels for privacy and division come in a variety of designs, options and functionality. These include acoustic panels and basic fabric panels. Panels can be modified as optional items. Frames and panels are adjustable so can be changed with progressing office needs. To utilize the INSPACE SERIES panel system, BIF New York, Inc. provides assistance in planning, configurations, installment and other services to help users decide what is best for any office space. We utilize tools such as CAD drawings to provide the user with tangible design ideas. On case to case basis.
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