COMBINATION CABINET 23.62w x 23.62d x 70.87h
Brown Cherry

The Matrix series is a part of the Executive Collection which showcases modular units to create a seamless, space saving design with a prestigious profile. With customization and its sleek aesthetic this series will elevate your workspace environment to a highly professional and functional system. 

Product Features: BYC1852F(L-R)M showcases a lockable double door, combination cabinet. The cabinet consists of a wardrobe system with a steel rod as well as 3 shelving units and 4 drawer set. To view our color options, reference our Color Collection page.

Available Sizes:
BYC1252F(L/R)M : 23.62"W x 23.62"D x 47.24"H
BYC1652F(L/R)M : 23.62"W x 23.62"D x 62.99"H
BYC1852F(L/R)M : 23.62"W x 23.62"D x 70.87"H

Color Options: Mahogany, Brown Cherry, Walnut, Maple, Beech, Mid Gray, Dark Walnut

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